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In tribute to

Born on :24/12/2002
left us on :13/11/2018

In tribute to Sidji

Une fabuleuse amie qui restera toujours dans mon cœur

5 candles

left by  lepapou 18/07/2019 09:40left by  Akhenaton 17/07/2019 21:34left by  Akhenaton 17/07/2019 21:34left by  Akhenaton 17/07/2019 21:34left by  TITI02 17/07/2019 18:07

21 Flowers

  • left by  nanou65left by nanou65
  • left by  NOIXDECOCOleft by NOIXDECOCO
  • left by  pacificelectricleft by pacificelectric
  • left by  hopileft by hopi
  • left by  Kimonleft by Kimon
    Doux repos petit coeur au paradis des minous courage à ta maman
  • left by  NOIXDECOCOleft by NOIXDECOCO
  • left by  tontonleft by tonton
  • left by  Nathalie54left by Nathalie54
  • left by  Cjpascal25left by Cjpascal25
    Sidji repose en paix au Paradis de tous les Minous et Minettes.......
  • left by  joelleleft by joelle
  • left by  susileft by susi
    Repose en paix joli petit ange
  • left by  Lilisoleft by Liliso
  • left by  joss19left by joss19
    un bouquet de tendresse pour Sidji, veille sur Joss et les autres étoiles
  • left by  JHYLleft by JHYL
  • left by  MISTRALleft by MISTRAL
  • left by  Darkieleft by Darkie
    Que le Clan des Etoiles guide tes pattes sur le pont de l’arc en ciel 🌈, jolie minette. Doux repos
  • left by  annieleft by annie
  • left by  KEKERleft by KEKER
    doux repos en paradis, caresses...
  • left by  superfetatoireleft by superfetatoire
  • left by  Chantalotte21left by Chantalotte21
    Tendres pensées joli petit coeur.💙🌼💙

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left by annie on 07/07/2019  


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