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In tribute to
Tigger (TiggaMan)
Born on :12/08/1998
left us on:02/11/2013

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In tribute to Tigger (TiggaMan)

Beloved Son, Best Friend, Teacher....You gave me the Gift of Unconditional Love and you will Forever be a part of me...All My Love...Mommy *December 1998~February 2013*

My Little Man, I miss you so very badly and it doesn't seem to get any better. I hear your beautiful little footsteps and I think I see you everywhere. Thank you so much for being in my life and allowing me the honor of having 14 wonderful years with you. I remember our first Christmas together how you climbed into the tree and I had to pull you out! You always put a smile on my face. When my mom died you were right there to let me hold you and cry all over you, always so strong seeing me thru all the difficulties and sharing in the joys over the years. It's so strange going to bed without you and waking up without feeling you pawing at my face and talking to me wanting your breakfast. I am taking good care of Mr Bear and Snoopy for you, and I cannot seem to move any of your toys from where you left them. You are in my dreams often and I love it so much as I get to hold you and cuddle you all over again and tell you how I miss you. I'm so thankful to sense you around me, especially in the really dark moments. I love how your whisker came to me the other day within hours of me saying I wished I had kept one of them. Uncle Graham misses you were his little buddy. I'm so sorry you got sick my little Prince and I hope you know I did absolutely everything I could to keep you alive and healthy. It breaks my heart that you were in pain and I truly thought you were going to pull thru it. I understand that you held on for me as long as you could and I'm so glad we had that last beautiful morning of waking up together and cuddling one more time. I know you knew that I never could have put you down and I tell myself that's why you left me the way you did, but it still kills me inside that you went thru that awful episode the morning you died, but at least I was there to hold you and tell you I loved you and that if you needed to let go it was okay. I thought you were going to be okay once we were on the way to your vet because your breathing went back to normal. I was so shocked you died shortly after we arrived. I think they all thought I was crazy for sitting with you and holding you as long as I did afterward but as you know, it was always all about you and I never cared what anyone thought as long as we were together and you were happy. Everyone remembers you so fondly and loves you Tigg. As George would say (and I know he's taking good care of you for me now) You were a cool dude in a loose mood! I love you more than anything my little man, and I will keep my promise I made to you that morning about doing all the things we planned when you sat in my lap Sunday and we did our yearly projection and picked the date of December 1st to buy our first home. Even if I have someone in my life at that time, it's still gonna be you and me walking thru that front door together and knowing we did it, we made those goals a reality. I love you, I miss you, and I cherish every second I had with you. XOXOXOXOXOXO......Mommy

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left by  TiggaMan
left by TiggaMan
Missing you for pumpkin carving...will have Mr Bear sit in for you :) Keep visiting in my dreams little Prince, makes waking much easier. *Catnip and Nummies* Love Mommy
left by  TiggaMan
left by TiggaMan
Six months without you today my Son...I love you...Mommy
left by  TiggaMan
left by TiggaMan
Hugs and Kisses and Num Nums for my Son...Mommy
left by  TiggaMan
left by TiggaMan
So many Mothers Day wishes on your behalf my little Prince...I miss you so much...Love Mommy
left by  TiggaMan
left by TiggaMan
Love and Miss you My Son...Love Mommy
left by  amnezia
left by amnezia
Repose en paix tigger
left by  nathan
left by nathan
pour tiga man
left by  Ammonet
left by Ammonet
RIP beautiful tiger-cat, and keep an eye on your human mommy
left by  myachaton
left by myachaton
repose en paix petit ange
left by  petitlouis
left by petitlouis
douces caresses,
left by  suzette1982
left by suzette1982
tristes pensees on pense a nos amis
left by  nick74
left by nick74
Tu ressembles a mon Poum qui est parti aussi joli Tiger. Jouez bien ensemble la haut
left by  sethine
left by sethine
Doux repos et calinou joli tigger
left by  nanouchka
left by nanouchka
reposes en paix petite âme qui a été beaucoup aimée
left by  Liliso
left by Liliso
Douces pensées pour Tigger
left by  renona
left by renona
Rest in peace lovely Tigger
left by  patoune
left by patoune

3 messages

left by amrita on 23/02/2013  
Quel magnifique chat votre Tigger... quelle merveilleuse relation vous avez tissé avec lui !
Sa petite étoile brillera à jamais dans votre coeur.
De tout coeur avec vous ... en ce douloureux passage ...

left by thales on 18/02/2013  
courage dans cette épreuve

left by moroc on 17/02/2013  
Tendres pensées a votre petit ange Tigger, même nom que mon adorable Tigger qui me manque tellement, je partage votre chagrin, courage et réconfort à ses maîtres en ce triste jour.

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